Postupně jak nyní najíždí seriová výroba v Horní Suché , začíná prodej  energetických úložišť od 100kWh a  rychlo-dobíječek aut.  
Nyní se připravuje prodej malých solárních úložišt pro rodiné domky do 50kWh. Pokud máte zájem , zašlete nám poptávku ZDE: (aktualizováno 19.4.2022)


HE3DA Li-ion battery 1,3 kWh (320Ah, 4V) 0.5 mm Power Line for high-current applications
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Safe, robust and recyclable cell for high-performance applications. Suitable for EV charging stations, UPS-backup power sources for production lines, steel mills, hospitals, etc., where it is necessary to supply a large amount of power in a short time, e.g., before backup diesel generator start-up.
HE3DA Li-ion battery 1 kWh (270Ah, 4V) 1.7 mm Energy line for energy strorage
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Safe, robust and recyclable cell for energy storage. Suitable for solar storage systems, both for homes as well as large producers of solar or wind energy.
Li-ion battery HE3DA for trucks 1,1kWh - 7,2kg
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This battery is designed mainly for heavy equipment – trucks, off-road vehicles, special applications. Its charging speed meets the requirements currently imposed on electric cars.

The new battery will also be tested in racing vehicles and other applications.

The peak currents of the battery reach up to 3000 A, which means that the batteries can spin any electric motor. Continuous currents are up to 400 A. In serial connection, the voltage reaches up to 1000 V. Thin-walled battery has both internal and external high voltage protection.

With this battery, we have achieved an optimal weight-to-speed ratio, charging and discharging.
Thanks to nanomaterials and its construction, it should have a long service life in trucks, according to simulations of at least 1.5 – 2 million km.